The 4 Things You Need to Focus on for Better SEO

The 4 Things You Need to Focus on for Better SEO

How do you drive more traffic to your website? As search engines – most notably, Google – introduce changes to ranking algorithms and as new technologies drive shifts in consumer behavior, the concern over improving your online visibility is understandable.

But add the demands of running the day-to-day operations of your business to the mix, and you may just overlook the need for more traffic.

More Traffic Means More Business

Unfortunately, neglecting your website’s performance is not an option, especially when your entire business depends on online transactions. SEO plays a crucial part in increasing awareness about your products or services and driving traffic, whether you own a brick-and-mortar business or run a web-based company.

Because SEO is an ever-changing aspect of website marketing, your strategies need to reflect what currently delivers results. Of course, while trends are effective, there are techniques that continue to work and still conform to search engine rules.

Below are just four of the things we consider relevant to your SEO approach this year.

1. Website Audit

You can’t move forward with the right strategies without knowing what is effective and not effective for your website. A website audit entails a complete review of, among others, your existing content, links, and architecture of your website.

Are you optimizing your website’s content for the keywords your business needs? Are your links getting substantial CTR? Is your website delivering excellent user experience?

Our SEO agency in Encino knows the value of audits, which is why it’s part of our approach towards improving your website’s performance.

2. Links

Links still help your website to rank. So it’s an “oldie” in the SEO world, but it’s a dependable technique. With a good linking strategy, your website can build organic traffic and gain wider exposure on the Web.

But first, you need to identify links that hurt your ranking. If you have changes in URL structure or have incorrect re-directs, you’ll have broken links, which irritate users, affecting their overall experience and your SEO.

3. Voice Search

With improvements to AI technology, you’ll find that digital assistants, from Siri to Cortana, now influence how you rank for certain keywords. An increasing number of people are choosing voice search instead of type search, which means more long-tail keywords and natural language.

4. Mobility

Desktop has become secondary to mobile as a touch point, according to research from comScore. Sixty-five percent of all digital time is now on mobile. What this means for your SEO tactics is the inclusion of a responsive website design, and optimization for local search and voice search.

Search engine optimization can drive more traffic to your website. But it needs to be done right. And we can help. Contact us today and learn what we can do for your business.